Are you looking for a packaging product that is both versatile and cost-effective? Maybe you’re a small business owner who is curious about finding new ways to package your goods and supplies for customers. At Markey Paper and PAckaging, Inc., we help customers with varied packaging support. One of our best sellers is Instapak foam because of its versatility and simplicity.

In fact, Instapak polyurethane foam is one of our best-selling products for a reason. It offers incredible protection where it counts. Nobody wants to risk sending items to potential customers if there is a risk for breakage, and with Instapak foam, the likelihood of breakage is significantly decreased. If you’re looking for a reliable company to supply you with expanding foam packaging in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, then look no further than us.

Instapak is sure to become one of your packing favorites because it’s so simple to use. Instapak foam is injected into special bags so that the solidification increases its volume and flows around your particular product. Instapak foam fills all of the free space in your box of choice when filled, making it the perfect protective packaging material.

Instapak foam is something that you need to have if you’re serious about preserving the integrity of your shipped items. It offers a secure method for protection because it absorbs shocks and vibrations during transport and handling. Instapak foam can be used to pack glassware, porcelain, antiques, computers, musical instruments, furniture and even appliances. If you’re looking for a cost-effective shipping product that is easy to use and guaranteed to keep your goods safe, then count on Instapak foam.

At Markey Paper and Packaging, we can help you get your shipping materials at an affordable price. We’ve been at this for over 44 years and we know what’s required to get your packages shipped safely. Whether you choose to ship via plane, bus or boat, we can make sure that your goods are protected. Inevitably, customers who need to find a company that sells shipping products in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania can rest assured that Markey Paper and Packaging is a name that they can trust!