When every word has meaning to a company, you can’t go wrong with the services or the shipping products they sell. In Montgomery County, PA, we here at Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc. find a real variety and purpose to our industry of packing, presenting, and shipping across the country and the globe.

The Air Pillowing Potential

At Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc., we prioritize safety, economy, and presentation in all the products that we package for our clients. As specialists in our trade, we’re aware of how exceptionally important proper packaging is, and always has been. When customers grasp the box your product shipped in, their brains buzz, processing what this means about your company. Think Apple’s packaging—then some generic USB cable manufacturer, all plastic and glaring. We’re here so that your packaging says the best it can about you and all those products that you’re shipping.

When it comes to packaging, we do everything—and by everything we mean customization!

Just in paper alone, we excel with a range of industrial products, truly superior selection of packaging, and expertise. Based on the needs of our clients in Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding areas, we may recommend expanding foam packaging in one case; classic bubble wrap in the next.

Customizing Perfect Packaging

Since 1973, we’ve faced a challenge from nearly every industry or type of business. With our certifications and knowledge, we’ve successfully designed and shipped for countless customers, dedicated to perfection. Whether it’s medical, aero, or automotive, we’ve customized it all. All packaging that we do is overseen and approved by ASTM certified shipping. We want you to trust that we’ve done our work as effectively and respectfully as possible.

Because we understand all the nuances of customizing packaging, we expect every venture to be a singular one. We also favor aesthetics, alongside function. How packaging looks and feels, in a tactile sense, is what forms that first impression of a new product or company. In over 40 years, we’ve utilized a plethora of materials—including double cover cartons, molds customized for Instapak foam, and expanded polystyrene beadfoams.

To learn more about our dedication to shipping, or to obtain a free packaging and shipping evaluation, please contact us at 215-664-8763.