When we finally get our hands on a newly purchased product, there’s a small child inside each of us dying to tear it open. With the reservation of a responsible adult, we may hold back before doing so, admiring the packaging in front of our eyes. It’s in these transitory moments, between unopened package and product, that a clever company can truly stand out from its competition.

If you’re shipping a product from Montgomery County, PA or nearby areas, we at Markey Paper and Packaging Inc. can infuse your company into your packaging.

Quality of Packaging and Shipping

Startups, as well as companies in nascent markets, should seize any opportunity to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Though it may be overlooked in the grand scheme of product design, your packaging and shipping is your first tangible form of customer support. Inefficiency at this step not only affects how your customers perceive you and your brand; but it results in you paying higher shipping costs, too. By optimizing everything logistic about your product, you will cover all your bases, ensuring a happier customer.

Boxing Your Brand

Depending on the shape and size of your product, your packaging may be relatively ordinary, or rather noticeable. Whether you have an old-fashioned clock company or a janitorial supply company in Montgomery, PA, or any other part of the state, you should have a box fit and designed just for you. By utilizing color in the folds of your packaging, you stimulate emotion and memory. Coordinating color with typography, and succinct, friendly language will endear you to your customers all the more. Moreover, your packaging should be neat and durable; possibly even folded, glued, and stitched by hand.

Protecting Your Brand

Now that you’ve figured out how your packaging will look, how about the safety of your product itself? With four decades worth of shipping experience, we at Markey Paper and Packaging Inc. absolutely favor Instapak foam over messy packing peanuts. As a material, Instapak foam can be called somewhat magical, quickly expanding to fit any shipping container it’s placed inside. Because Instapak foam is adaptable and affordable, shipping costs can be decreased for you and your customers.

To learn more about how we protect both your product and your brand, give us a call today.