When you walk into any place of business, the first thing anyone will notice is how clean the space is. Are there crumbs on desks or counters from a lack of durable paper towels and other cleaning supplies? Are the windows smudged with fingerprints or streaked with dust because your janitor is inadequately stocked with the tools he or she needs?

Clients sitting down in an office to discuss investments don’t want to see messy shelves and dirty floors; an unclean environment may reduce their faith in your ability to manage other aspects of business. Don’t lose a valuable customer due to unfit janitorial and packaging products that leave grime behind despite the money you paid; leave it up to a professional industrial packaging distributor with the experienced insight to tell the difference between poor quality supplies and those that can get the job done right the first time.

Order Packaging and Janitorial Supplies Online with Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc.

At Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc., we have made a name for ourselves as a premier packaging and janitorial product supplier for corporations and businesses throughout Pennsylvania. When a school needs janitorial products in Bucks County, PA, or when an automotive shop wants to buy expanding foam packaging in Montgomery County, PA, they turn to Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc. for erudite professionals that can provide better-quality supplies fit for the job.

We have a variety of janitorial and packaging products that other suppliers don’t carry, and you can get the quantities you need with us by buying in bulk rather than paying more for less at convenience stores. Other suppliers don’t have the ability to deliver your supplies to your facility door, and they don’t have economically and environmentally friendly products to offer.

We have every kind of towel you could need, including roll towels, C-fold towels, multifold, towels, and center-pull towels. We also carry tissue and wipers like poly bags, can liners, and gusseted bags. When you order with Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc., your business will flourish with each customer that takes notice of your pristine building.